iPad Pro Review and First Impressions

IPad pro is one of the devices that will impress you. Although we might not be in a position to offer our thoughts about the long-term experience of using this device, that does not stop us from highlighting some of its features and controls. Our iPad pro review and first impressions will inform you about some of the things you can expect from this device.


Build and physical design 
IPad pro has the same design as iPad air 2. The two devices have a similar general layout, edging and material. One of the physical differences between two is that IPad pro is slightly bigger in size. This does not make it awkward and unbalanced as you might think.



The device has a 12.9-inch display as compared to the 9.7-inch display featured on IPad air. This makes the size of device convenient when it comes to productivity as well as the ease of use. In addition, it has a large screen resolution of 2732 x 2048.


The device comes with four speakers instead of the normal twin speakers featured on the other IPads on the market. If you have dreaming about a quad speaker IPad, then this device has answered your prayers. The new casing provided on the device gives the speakers a great frequency range as well as up to 3X more acoustic output when compared to its predecessors.

Power efficiency 

Despite the fact, IPad Pro does not have a superior battery life, its ability to match the smaller screen IPads shows improvements. In addition, the device adjusts its refresh rate automatically thus making energy efficient. By combining low power mode found in IOS 9, there is no doubt that Apple is serious about the battery life of this device.


The new model boasts of an A9x processor chip. According to Apple, this processor is has twice the speed of A8X processor featured on IPad pro. The company adds that this is the fastest devices they have ever made.


The new IPad Pro will boast of 4GB of RAM. This sets it apart because almost all IPads have 1GB RAM and less. Therefore, you can multitask without any problem. 

It will be nice and interesting to see the 32GB of storage making a comeback in the new device. The Wi-Fi version of the device will have 32GB or 128GB of storage space and nothing less than this.


The gadget will have an 8MP rear facing isight camera. The camera will have the same specs as IPad air including autofocus, hybrid IR filter, Five element lens and backside illumination among others.

Battery life 

The battery of the iPad will last for up to 10 hours within which you can watch videos as well as browse. 
In terms of connectivity, the IPad will come with ultra fast wireless connectivity. This means that the device will remain connected at different points with the 802.11ac Wi-Fi.


• Big screen

• Extreme processing power 

• High audio power + rebalancing 

• Extended battery life 


• Lacks portability advantages of iPads 
Final verdict 
In conclusion, iPad pro will come with many features that will make you to fall in love with it repeatedly. The device will feature a battery life of up to 10 hours, 4GB RAM, ultra fast connectivity and 32GB of storage space among other specs.